Special Assessments are different than property taxes. They are a method the city uses to pay for infrastructure improvements that benefit your property. The cost of these projects is divided among properties that benefit from the improvements. Not all city projects are paid for in this way; some are funded through the city’s general fund, a special revenue fund, or by general obligation bonds.

More often than not, special assessment projects are for capital projects that enhance the utility, accessibility, and/or aesthetic value of the affected properties. Generally, the projects also provide improvements or additions to a city’s infrastructure. Typically, special assessment improvements involve new or upgraded:

  •  Sidewalks
  •  Parking Facilities
  •  Street Lights
  •  Water and Sewer Lines
  •  Alley Parking
  •  Special Street Lighting

The Authority for using Special Assessments as a method of financing is established in the City of Wyandotte Charter and Code of Ordinances.

Special Assessment bills are mailed out on or around June 1, payable through June 30 without penalty and interest. There is a 4% penalty for late payments. A monthly interest charge of 1/2% is applied to the unpaid balance. If the installment bill is delinquent April 30th of the following year, the installment payment, including any penalty and interest amounts, is added to the summer tax bill.