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The Treasurer’s Department is responsible for all monetary collections on behalf of the City of Wyandotte, the collection and distribution of real and personal property taxes, and investing City money into investments that secure the principal and provide adequate rates of return. Specific duties and obligations of the city Treasurer are outlined in Chapter V of the City Charter. The Treasury Department is also responsible for collection of Special Assessment payments.


How to Contact UsBrowning 2021

The Treasurer’s Department is located at Wyandotte City Hall, 3200 Biddle Avenue, Suite 300, Wyandotte, and can be reached by calling 734-324-4570.
Fax: 734-324-4568
Email: treasurer@wyandottemi.gov

City Treasurer - Todd Browning

Assistant Finance Director/Deputy Treasurer 
Bob Szczechowski 734-324-4542

How to pay taxes that have been transferred to Wayne County: