Pic-Depts-WyandotteDevBrownfield Redevelopment Authority Summary as applicable to the City of Wyandotte.

The City established its Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) on August 25, 1997, pursuant to the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, Public Act 381 of 1996, as amended. The Authority is a 9-member board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Authority and the City Council are responsible for reviewing and adopting Brownfield Redevelopment Plans to promote the revitalization of properties that are functionally obsolete, blighted or environmentally distressed throughout the City.

The BRA provides incentives to the private sector to play an active role in the revitalization of distressed real estate. These incentives allow utilization of tax increment financing for activities authorized under Act 381, including environmental site assessments, environmental remediation, building demolition, public infrastructure, and site improvements. An approved Brownfield Plan is also required in order to apply for a Michigan Business Tax Credit from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA).

Brownfield Redevelopments Financing Act, Public Act 381

Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, Public Act 381 of 1996, as amended allows Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities to utilize tax increment financing to implement the Brownfield redevelopment projects.

The incremental increases to property tax revenues can be used to finance eligible activities on the site, including baseline environmental assessments, due care activities and additional response activities. Within Core Communities, tax increment financing can also be used to fund demolition, public infrastructure, site preparation and lead and asbestos abatement. Unlike other Michigan tax increment financing tools (DDA’s, LDFA’s, etc.), the Brownfield program allows for the capture of BOTH local and school taxes. In order to capture school tax levies, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and/or Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) approval is required.

Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act
Michigan Business Tax Act 
Michigan Business Tax Credit Program Summary
Brownfield Reimbursement Policy
Brownfield Work Plan Development Process

Guidelines and information about Brownfields may be found on the for MEDC website.

Program Fact Sheet Resource Documents

The Brownfield Michigan Business Tax (MBT) credit provides an incentive in the form of a tax credit for eligible redevelopment investments on Brownfield property. The Brownfield Tax Increment Financing (TIF) incentive allows the utilization of tax increment financing to implement Brownfield redevelopment projects. Click here to read an overview of the Brownfield MBT.

A municipality or community may create a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) to develop and implement Brownfield projects. Click here to read about the BRA.

How to Establish a BRA and Adopt a Brownfield Plan  
Eligible MEGA Non-Environmental Activities Guidance (Issue Date 30DEC09)

MEDC Brownfield Policy Documents

2010 MEDC Brownfield Program Guidelines (Issue Date 30DEC09)
2009 MEDC Brownfield Interest Policy (Issue Date 15DEC08)

MEDC Brownfield Applications

MBT Part I Application (Revised Date 12OCT09)
MBT Amendment Application (Revised Date 12AUG09)
Act 381 Work Plan Instructions (Issue Date 30DEC09)
Act 381 Work Plan Outline Template (Issue Date 30DEC09)