The Community Development Department exercises administrative supervision over the planning, development and redevelopment of commercial, industrial and residential property. To accomplish its objectives, the Department works closely with the Engineering and Building Department, City Assessor’s Office, Planning Commission, Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Tax Increment Finance Authority, other City departments, and various other organizations. The Department is also responsible for the acquisition of Federal and State Grants for development projects, overseeing Brownfield Redevelopment Projects and other tax incentive programs, assistance in the acquisition
of real estate, the implementation of the City’s Master Plan and acting as a liaison to the Downtown Development Authority.

As advertised in our Guide to Development, Conceptual Site Plan meetings are available on a project-by-project basis.  Contact the Engineering Department to arrange a meeting for your project:  734-324-4555.

Guide to Development & Doing Business

How to Contact Us

The Community Development Office
Joseph Keller Gruber
Email: jgruber@wyandottemi.gov

Downtown Development Authority 
Email: dda@wyan.org

Engineering Office Supervisor & Development Coordinator
Kelly Roberts
Email:  kroberts@wyandottemi.gov