The Zoning Board of Appeals and Adjustment meeting scheduled for February 1, 2023, has been CANCELLED due to no appeals being received.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is March 1, 2023.


The City of Wyandotte has contracted with Rogue Industrial Services to perform preventative maintenance by cleaning and inspecting the sewers .

This project is set to start on Monday, January 23.

The scope of work is within the alley east of Biddle from Eureka to Elm St.

This will improve the sewer’s performance and significantly reduce the likelihood for future sewer backups and related problems.

The first step of the project involves cleaning the sewers. You will notice large vehicles in the area while this work is being performed. These vehicles are used in the cleaning and televising operations of the project.

Please keep the roadways clear, whenever possible. You may hear or see the back pressure of air in your toilets and/or drains. This is not unusual and is the result of water and material in the city’s main sewer line passing by your building’s service connection. It is possible water could splash in your toilets and/or floor drains at this time. To minimize the possibility of this occurring during the use of the hydraulically propelled equipment, please close your toilet lids and temporarily place a mat or small towel over floor drains.

To prevent sewer odor from entering your home, we suggest pouring a cup or two of clean water into each floor drain. As water evaporates over-time, this should be done regularly as a preventative measure.

Although unlikely, it could be necessary for the City to authorize Rogue Industrial Services to use water from specific fire hydrants as part of the sewer cleaning process. Natural mineral buildup may be disturbed, resulting in the water having a slight "rust color" for an hour or two. This does not in any way contaminate the water. Allowing your water to settle for one or two hours with minimal use and then running the COLD WATER ONLY for one or two minutes will clear any discoloration during this period.