Wyandotte residents or business owners performing their own work or extensive cleaning may use the Department of Public Pic-Depts-DumpingFacilityService Dumping Facility. Proof of Wyandotte residency or ownership is required. The DPS Dumping Facility is located at 4201 13th Street, Wyandotte. The hours for the City Dump are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The City Dump is closed on holidays and when other city offices are closed.

Please note: If a permit is required for the work being performed, you will be required to show a copy of your permit prior to dumping.

Concrete may be dumped at a charge of $11.00 per cubic yard.

To dispose of dirt, please contact Riverview Landfill at 734-281-4263.

Construction debris including: drywall, shingles, and wood, may be dumped at a charge of $14.00 per cubic yard.

Metal may be dumped free of charge.

The City Dump does not accept household trash (ie, food, etc.), propane tanks or hazardous materials of any kind.
For more information, you may contact the Department of Public Service at 734-324-4581 or dps@wyandottemi.gov