When is my tax bill due?

Where can I pay my tax bill?

Can I pay my tax bill with a credit card?

Can I pay my tax bill online?

What happens if I do not pay my tax bill on time?

Am I liable for my property taxes including any penalty and interest amounts if I do not receive a summer or winter tax bill?

Can I defer payment of my summer property tax bill?

What happens if I cannot pay my property tax bills?

If I don't pay my property tax bill, how long does it take before I lose my property?

Can I look up my property tax information online?

What are the abbreviations listed next to the amounts on my tax bill?

What is a mill?

What is the City of Wyandotte millage rate?

What is the difference between real and personal property?

What is the tax date (tax day)?

My tax bill shows an amount for a special assessment. What is it for?

Are all special assessments for improvements?

How do I know what the special assessment amount on my tax bill is for?

I no longer have a business in the City of Wyandotte, yet I am still receiving tax bills for the personal property, why?