The Wyandotte Housing Rehabilitation Program is designed to assist residents in a low to low-moderate income range that are in need of home improvements. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), under the direction of Wayne County. Our office is required to follow policies and procedures that are designed to satisfy their requirements and goals.

Income Limits

There is a waiting list for the program and we will be happy to add your name to the list. You will be notified when your name is next on the list. At that time, you may call to schedule an appointment for the application process. Listed below is the required documentation necessary at that time.

  • Recorded warranty deed/quit claim deed/land contract
  •  Current homeowner’s insurance policy
  •  Paid tax receipts – past 2 years.
  •  Utility bills – most recent – paid receipt
  •  W-2, last 2 paycheck stubs, income tax papers
  •  Verification of any and all sources of income.
  •  Confidential statement – social security, pension, etc. (if applicable)
  •  Copy of drivers license or state ID
  •  Verification that mortgage payment is current

Once your application has been approved, an inspection will be performed by our City Inspectors and a lead-based paint inspection will be done if any painted surfaces are to be disturbed. CDBG funding covers the costs for these inspections. They are required by HUD in order to make you aware of what needs to be done in your house so it will meet minimum building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and lead code requirements. These inspections must be done before we can award a bid to a contractor to begin repairs.

We work with licensed and insured contractors only, and where applicable, lead trained workers must be used.

The City will attempt to obtain a minimum of three (3) bid proposals. Your rehabilitation project will be awarded to the lowest bidder who meets all requirements. Both you and the contractor will be notified by this office. After signing the necessary contract and lien, the work will be scheduled to begin.

When all repairs have been completed as indicated on the specifications, the contractor is to schedule a final inspection through our Building Department and, if applicable, a Clearance Test required for lead. After our inspectors approve the work and finalize the permit, and the Clearance Test has been received, we will process payment. 

Finally, when all repairs have been completed, the lien will be recorded with the Wayne County Register of Deeds. This lien will not be discharged until it is paid back to the City. At that time, our office will issue a Discharge of Lien and record it with the Wayne County Register of Deeds. Please note there is no interest charged on the lien.

Subordination requests will only be considered if the homeowner is in a dire situation, such as a medical emergency or the possibility of losing the house, or if the re-mortgaging is only to pay off the mortgage balance to reduce the homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment and no additional monies will be received by the homeowner. (Effective February, 2008, the City will require a minimum of one half (1/2) of the loan amount be paid to the City of Wyandotte and the other half will be subordinated).

If you should need additional information regarding this program, please contact Greg Meyring or Peggy Green at 734-324-4551.