Cutting & Trimming

The Municipal Services Department periodically trims trees that interfere with power lines.

The Department of Public Services will only trim or remove a tree located on public property and public right of ways due to storm damage, or if the tree is dying, diseased, or damaged resulting in an unstable or unsafe condition.

In addition to the above services, the Department of Public Service will also come to your home & grind brush or tree limbs at a rate of $160.00 per hour with a 15-minute minimum charge of $40.00.

The City will not remove a tree on private property.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain a tree or clear and remove fallen branches and trees on private property.

Trimming or removing a tree in a public right-of-way without a permit is a violation of the City of Wyandotte Code of Ordinance Sec. 36-6. Cutting, mutilating, etc., trees in public ways.

For more information on tree removal, trimming and planting, see the following guidelines:

Tree Planting Tree Removal Permit

City of Wyandotte Specifications for Tree Cutting, Tree Trimming and Stump Removal


Property owners may request the planting of trees in the public right-of-way between the sidewalk and the curb in accordance with the following approved procedures.  

Procedure for Tree Planting in Right-Of-Way Between Sidewalk and Curb

Alley Maintenance

For plantings in the alley right of way, maximum encroachment into alley right of way is 2’-6” from rear property line (fence) to outer edge of planting area or shrubbery.  Anything over will be required to be removed or trimmed back accordingly.   Shrubbery shall be well maintained and trimmed, and should not have growth to the ground, but should be trimmed up minimum 12” above ground.  Planting areas of flowers or flowering plants shall be allowed and shall be maintained, weeded and clear of dead debris.  Gardens in the alley right of way will not be allowed. 

Growth thru or over fence line from yard shall be trimmed back to fence line.

Yard and Alley Maintenance Program

DPS is cash or check only.