The Department of Public Service is requesting citizens cooperate when the projected snow fall is 4" or greater or during a declared Snow Emergencies. In an effort to assist the Department of Public Service, residents are asked not to park on any city street when a Winter Storm Warning or Advisory is forecast by the National Weather Service.

Your cooperation will allow the Department of Public Service to better serve you in providing efficient plowing services. Any vehicle left on the roadway after a snow emergency has been declared will be towed at the owner's expense.

Per City Ordinance Section 2.5a "Abandoned Vehicles": All vehicles must be moved every 48 hours. Failure to remove vehicles will result in towing, at the owner's expense.

For further information about snow emergencies tune to The City of Wyandotte Radio Station AM 1670.

Snow Emergency Parking Lots

The City of Wyandotte has numerous Snow Emergency parking lots available for use during a snow emergency. The locations for emergency off-street parking are as follows:

Route #1 – North Drive to Goddard, River Drive to the Detroit River
Parking: FOP Park (St. Johns and Bondie, Lindbergh and 8th Street)
West of St. Johns and Biddle (behind My Place Bar)

Route #2 – Goddard to Ford Avenue, Fort Street to the Railroad Tracks
Parking: 6th Street & Alkali Park

Route #3 – Ford Avenue to Eureka, Railroad Tracks to Fort Street
Parking: Walnut & 15th Street Lot; Oxford & 15th Street Lot; North Side of Eureka between 12th & 14th Streets (West of Prush’s Bar); Northwest corner of 17th Street & Eureka; Southwest corner of Sycamore & 17th Street

Route #4 – Eureka to Pennsylvania, Fort Street to the Detroit River
Parking: Memorial Pool (Ludington & 20th Street); 11th Street & Lee; Department of Public Service (4201 13th Street); 11th Street south of Cherry; BASF Park (3625 Biddle Avenue); McKinley School (640 Plum)

Route #5 – Former St. Elizabeth Church Parking Lot at 2nd Street and Goodell. Goddard to Eureka, the Detroit River to the Railroad Tracks Parking: Copeland Center (2306 4th Street); Police & Court Parking Lot (2015 Biddle); Museum Campus Parking Lot (2610 – 2630 Biddle);

Downtown Parking Lots: First and Chestnut and other downtown lots 

Snow Removal

Remember: Please do not let children play on the mounds of snow near the roadways. It is difficult for snowplow operators to see children.