Wyandotte residents or business owners may rent roll-off dumpster containers. Applicable permits may be required for certain types of work. You may visit the Engineering and Building Department website for questions regarding permit requirements for the City of Wyandotte.

Roll-off boxes are not available during leaf collection season (usually part of October & all of November). Dumpsters are available to homeowners or contractors doing work within city. Applicable permits are required before requesting a dumpster. All dumpsters are required to be prepaid at the department of public service.  

To inquire about or schedule a roll-off dumpster, contact the Department of Public Services at 734-324-4581, or by email at dps@wyandottemi.gov

Dumpsters are available to rent for a maximum of 4 days. Roll-off Dumpsters are available for, concrete, shingles, drywall, brush and debris. DIRT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTED

To dispose of dirt, please contact Riverview Landfill at 734-281-4263.

Pricing is as follows: (Price/Rules Effective 2/1/23; All prices subject to change)

DPS is cash or check only.

Dumpster Size Brush 6" or less Logs Over 6" Concrete Household Debris
Construction Debris
# of Days Box Can Be At Site
10 cu. yards $141.00 * $346.00 * $182.00 * $293.00 *** 2 Nights
20 cu. yards $161.00 * $639.00 * N/A $440.00 *** 3 Nights
30 cu. yards $176.00 * $932.00 * N/A $585.00 *** 4 Nights

*Dumpster cannot contain any other material. If it does, there is a fine of a minimum of $150.00

***Dumpster cannot contain any concrete, dirt, regular trash, tires, yard waste, appliances with Freon, hazardous materials, and/or paint of any type. If any of this is found there a minimum fine of $290.00

If any of the above size boxes are overloaded there is a minimum fine of $290.00

Dumpster Dimensions

Dumpster Size (length x width x height)
10 cubic yards 23’-0” x 7’-5” x 3’-0” 
10 cubic yards 12’-0’ x 7’-5” x 5’¬-0”
20 cubic yards 23’-0” x 7’-5” x 5’-0”
30 cubic yards 23’-0” x 7’-5” x 6’-4”

Attention: a space must be cleared on the street in front of your home and in front of your neighbor’s home on both sides of you to allow for delivery of the dumpster box. Please discuss this with your neighbors.