The Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Exemption Act (OPRE), P.A. 146 of 2000, as amended, provides an incentive to encourage the rehabilitation of obsolete and/or blighted commercial property. Generally speaking, the real property value of a building will be frozen at the pre-rehabilitation value for 1-12 years (the duration is determined by the Mayor and Council), resulting in a tax saving to the applicant. 

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As of October 2007, the City had created eight OPRE districts and granted six OPRE Certificates, resulting in the following: twelve new businesses; the creation or retention of more than one hundred jobs; the renovation of more than 95,000 square feet of commercial space; and more than $7.1 million invested in property improvements.

For a table of the all districts established and certificates issued, you may download the OPRE Districts List.

Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Exemption Act

OPRE Application Procedures Checklist
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