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What is the Wyandotte Social District?

The Wyandotte Social District is an “open container” district created by the Wyandotte Mayor and City Council in August 2020. A Social District is a defined area with specific boundaries where patrons can purchase and consume beer, wine, or spirits in a designated common area outside the walls or patio spaces of the bar or restaurant from where it was purchased. Pedestrians will be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages from adjacent, licensed establishments and shop, sit outside, or walk around, as long as they remain within the commons area boundary. Only bars & restaurants with Social District Permits can serve Social District Beverages in specially approved Social District Cups. Wyandotte’s Social District will run daily from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

2022 Social District Maintenance and Operations Plan

Printable Map (updated June 2022)

Active Permitted Licenses 6.21.2022

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