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                    Elizabeth L. DiSanto                                  Stacie A. Nevalo
                    District Court Chief Judge  Court Administrator


 These matters include all felony cases, state misdemeanor cases and local misdemeanor cases. 

During this challenging time of the COVID-19 crisis, we are encouraging all court business to be conducted remotely as much as possible.  Until further notice, the 27th District Court will be conducting all hearings remotely.  This will be done on in-custody and out-of-custody defendants. 

If you are unable to retain your own attorney, the Court will appoint one to represent you.  You will not be charged for this representation.  Once your case has been assigned to an attorney, you will be contacted by that attorney to discuss your case.  This will all be done prior to the date of your scheduled hearing. 

You will receive a Zoom invitation with the date and the specific time for your hearing.  Within that paperwork will be the Personal Meeting Room information, as well as directions for participating in the hearing.  You may access Zoom via a computer, tablet, smart phone or even by telephone (with audio only).  Please be advised that while you are not physically present in court, these are court proceedings and you are required to appear dressed and in a quiet location. 

As the proceedings are required by law to be open to the public, the court has a YouTube channel for livestreaming the court proceedings.  Whenever court is on the record, the case will be livestreamed.  The YouTube channel is 27th District Court. 

If you have a traffic misdemeanor, you will be contacted via mail or email regarding resolution of your case.  A traffic misdemeanor would be:  Driving while license suspended, driving while license expired, driving without a valid license, no insurance, improper plates.  These are some examples of a traffic misdemeanor case.  If you are unsure, please email the court to inquire. 

If you have not received any communication at least 5 days prior to your scheduled court date, please contact the court.  Email is the most efficient way to contact the court.   Our email address is