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                    Elizabeth L. DiSanto                                  Stacie A. Nevalo
                    District Court Chief Judge  Court Administrator


During this challenging time of the COVID-19 crisis, we are encouraging all court business to be conducted remotely as much as possible.  This includes the filing of new complaints for general civil and/or small claims cases, motions and any other pleading.

In order to accomplish this, the 27th District Court will accept filings via email (listed above), fax (number listed above) and United States Postal Service.  Please be advised that we have experienced a delay in mail.

In the event you are filing, via email or fax, a new case, motion or any other pleading requiring a filing fee, you must send in payment prior to the case being entered and processed. 

Online Dispute Resolution is available for all cases.  This is commonly known as mediation.  This forum is available to matters that have not yet been filed.  Please click here LINK for the form.  You can also visit the Online Dispute Resolution information site on our home page.