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                    Elizabeth L. DiSanto                                  Stacie A. Nevalo
                    District Court Chief Judge  Court Administrator


During this challenging time of the COVID-19 crisis, we are encouraging all court business to be conducted remotely as much as possible.   Once the Governor’s Stay Home Order has been lifted, the 27th District Court will have strict protocols in entering the building.

The following protocols will be in effect until further notice.

  1. Only one person will be admitted into the lobby area at one time.
  2. Prior to entry, you will remain in the vestibule and will be asked a series of health related questions.  Your temperature will also be taken with a touchless thermometer.
  3. If it is determined that you are safe to enter the building, you MUST wear a mask/face covering.  If you refuse to wear the mask/face covering, you will not be permitted to enter.  Once you enter, the mask/face covering MUST remain over your mouth and nose AT ALL TIMES until you exit the building. 

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in maintaining social distancing and following recommended safety guidelines.  We strongly encourage you to conduct as much court business as possible remotely.