The central business district of Downtown Wyandotte offers free on street parking for patrons and visitors to the downtown area. In addition to this parking, we offer several free city-owned lots for parking. These lots offer parking spaces that are within a 2 to 5 minute walk of the downtown district. Please keep in mind that during special events, some of these lots may be closed.Pic-Community-DowntownWyandotte3 During events such as the Street Fair, we offer shuttle parking to the downtown district.

These free parking lots are located:

Lot #1 Between Oak and Elm at the Detroit River
Lot #2 West side of Van Alstyne, south of Elm Street
Lot #3 Southwest corner of Van Alstyne & Maple
Lot #4 East side of Biddle, North of Sycamore
Lot #5 Northwest corner of Van Alstyne & Sycamore
Lot #6 Northwest corner of Van Alstyne & Eureka
Lot #7 East side of 3rd Street between Eureka & Sycamore
Lot #8 Yack Arena Parking Lot, 3131 3rd Street
Lot #9 Northwest corner of 2nd Street and Maple
Lot #10 West side of 1st between Maple and Elm
Lot #11 Southwest corner of Oak and First 

Downtown Parking Map

Downtown Parking map 2019