To participate in our Spring Dig-In, please meet at the corner of Elm and First Streets.

To participate in our Fall Bulb Dig-In, please meet at the fountain, at the corner of Eureka and Biddle Avenue.Pic-Community-DowntownPlantings

We typically plant from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. If you cannot meet exactly at 9:00, feel free to join us anytime for our dig-ins throughout the downtown area. Please bring your trowels, shovels, kneelers and gloves. Families, children, groups and organizations are all welcome.

To participate in our Community Garden Work Days, please meet at the Farmers Market Lot on First and Elm.


2022 Planting Dates

City-Wide Spring Clean-Up April 23, 2022
Community Garden Opening April 23, 2022
Spring Dig-In May 21, 2022
Community Garden Closing November  5, 2022

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