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Who are the stars?

The Wyandotte Stars are a collection of men, young and old, from all walks of life, who put on vintage base ball uniforms each weekend.  With one thing in common, a serious addiction to a combination of history and baseball, they turn into Doc, Peanut, Prof, and other players who make up the Stars.

The original Wyandotte Star Club was formed in the mid-19th century in Wyandotte, Michigan.  In a letter and score card dated October 5th, 1867, the Star Club won a sweeping victory against the Monitor Club of Taylor, beating them 85 to 15 (this scorecard is on display in the Attic Gallery at the Ford-MacNichol Home)!

Throughout the early part of the 19th century, small towns formed teams to play an early version of the game known as Town Ball.  As the sport of base ball developed, organized groups were formed in larger cities.  The years following the Civil War saw a proliferation of clubs springing up across the country as soldiers carried new found knowledge of the game home.  When the war ended, there were many more people playing baseball than ever before.

September 8, 2007 was the inaugural match of the new Wyandotte Stars, 140 years after the original team took the field.

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Come catch a game!  Whether at home or away, Wyandotte Stars matches are a good way to get out and have some fun!

Home games are at 1pm at Memorial Field (Pennsylvania Rd. & 23rd St.).  The Annual Home Classic times will be announced in the near future, so check back soon!

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 2020 Wyandotte Stars Roster

Andy 'SCHOOLBOY' Garden
Brian 'PEANUT' Holdren - Assistant Captain
Carl 'CEO' Szumlanski
Charlie 'DOC' Taylor
Chris 'JUGGLER' Crayne
Gerry 'MAVERICK' Haynes - Assistant Captain
Gerry 'Q" Haynes - Base Ball Coordinator
Greg 'STUMPY' Meyring
Jason 'TREE TRUNK' Leckrone
Joe 'DIRT' Taylor
Kelly 'BLISTER' Kohlstrand
Kurt 'SANDMAN' Hunter
Lee "SMOKEY" Neuman - Umpire
Patrick 'NEW MOON' Gagnon
Raymond 'PROSPECT' Hartz
Robert 'SWIPER' Lippus
Ryan 'BLUE' Gibson
Scott 'MIDNIGHT' Gagnon
Scott 'PROSPECT' Minnick
Sean 'COOTER' Crayne
Tim 'PROSPECT' Massengill
Tygar 'PROSPECT' Moore
Wally REVEREND' Filipiak
Zac 'PROFESSOR' Holdren - Captain