On-line Community Event Bulletin Board Requirements

The On-line Community Event Bulletin Board may be utilized by not-for-profit organizations, local organizations, individuals, and businesses to promote community not-for-profit events. Private schools, hospitals and health agencies may also use the bulletin board. The cost for a bulletin board posting is $10.00 per event. Payment must be made to the Museums Office, The Historic Burns Home, 2624 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, prior to making a request.  A disclaimer will be posted on the community bulletin board stating that display does not constitute endorsement of or agreement with the material content by the City of Wyandotte.

When space is limited, size and time restrictions may apply; the oldest postings may be removed to create space for newer material. All items must be presented and approved by the webmaster or a designated employee before being posted. Bulletin board materials will not be displayed for more than 60 days. Bulletin board postings may not promote the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, nor contain any information or subject matter which violates city, state, or federal statutes.


1. Event information shall be worded in a general manner and may not contain commercial advertising and/or names of local officials.
2. Special city and non-profit programs, cultural events, services, events and promotions are permitted to be displayed if these shall serve to promote events and non-profit activities that benefit charity or promote culture or education. 
3. Submit the completed on-line at least five (5) business days prior to start date.
4. Event article length or information is to be no more than 500 words.
5. Supporting event Flyers and photographs may be submitted for publication on the site.
6. Event Flyers must be submitted in PDF format.
7. Acceptable image file requirements are as follows: JPG or GIF file format only.
8. Maximum file size 250K. Image size must fit in a 350x250 pixel area (either orientation).
9. Image resolution 72 dpi.
10. You may submit up to 3 images. No more than 2 images will actually be published.
11. Please provide an image caption and photo credit (when applicable).

Files and images that do not adhere to the above guidelines may not be published. A maximum of 2 photographs will be published for each event.